1-6-19 announcements


THOSE WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS: Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), Dave ( suffering with ALS), Dan Kosek (Hering Family friend), Janet (Michelle Prinz’s mom), Art Olzmann (Dolores Koehler’s brother), Pat (Dolores Koehler’s friend), Sommer Goszewski (Dani Meyka’s friend), Sarah Werner (Ruth Greve’s granddaughter) and Vicki Wharton (Lisa Kokko’s aunt).​

THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Zack Feterl, Grant Oltman, Chris Purkiss, and Ryan Thulin.

THOSE WHO ARE HOMEBOUND: Clara Betke, Sharlene Fortune, Alden Haigh, Kay Kacel, Eileen Lewis, Elsie Pincombe, Nancy Rice, Bobbie Seibel, LaRiene Sjo and Mary Tiedemann

THOSE WHO MOURN: The family of Andrew Curtis who went home with Jesus on January 1st. The family of former Peace member Carol Haupt who also joined her heavenly Father this past week.