Announcements 1-21-18

THOSE WHO ARE ILL OR RECOVERING: Kim Norman (Donna Norman’s daughter-in-law)
THOSE WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS: Andrew Curtis, Alden Haigh, Aubrey Leinhase, Eileen Lewis, Eric Wagner, Beth Cushard (Deb Wulff’s sister), Dave Deubel (Tim Leinhase’s uncle), Florence Gardella (Tina Hoag’s aunt), Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), John (friend of Michael Pease), Dawn Kardasz (Regina Delmotte’s granddaughter), Dan Kosek (Hering Family friend), Jackie Marshall (Tina Hoag’s aunt), Art Olzmann (Dolores Koehler’s brother), Pat (Dolores Koehler’s friend), Cyndi Preiss (Jeff Hoag’s sister), Dave Toensing (Lynette Primeau’s brother), Sarah Werner (Ruth Greve’s granddaughter) and Vicki Wharton (Lisa Kokko’s aunt).
THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Zack Feterl, Daniel Klein, Grant Oltman, Chris Purkiss, Timothy Stratton and Ryan Thulin.
ATTENDANCE SIGN-IN BOOKS: Beginning this Sunday January 21, we will be recording attendance using sign-in sheets that will be on the counter in the narthex.
ONGOING YOUTH BABYSITTING FUNDRAISER: Unity Youth group will be offering babysitting services on the first Friday of the month through June. There are fliers available with details in the narthex.
​SECURITY REMINDER: If you are in the building after services for a meeting or during non-office hours please make sure that you secure the building prior to leaving. This would include turning lights off, ensuring the office door is locked, locking the gate and verifying outside doors are closed and locked.
SPRING FLING: LHN is hosting its 20th Annual Fashion Show this March. There are flyers located in the narthex with all information on this fun event!
VALENTINE’S DINNER DANCE: Join us Friday, February 9 at 6:30pm for our epic Valentine’s Dinner Dance at the wonderful Gazebo Banquet Hall, at 31104 Mound Rd, Warren! A fun evening is planned including Dinner, Dancing, DJ, Open Bar, Raffle, Fun and Laughs! Treat your sweetheart to a delicious dinner and a fun night out or get a group of friends together and dance the night away! Ticket prices are $90 per couple or $45 per person (cash or check payable to Peace Lutheran). Tickets are available through February 4 by calling the church office (please call before picking them up 586-751-8010 as office hours vary) or on Sundays before/after our 10:15am church services at Peace Lutheran, 11701 E. 12 Mile, Warren.