Announcements 4-22-18


 Sunday (4/22)                                                      Thursday

9 am All Bible Classes                                       5-7 pm TOPS

10:15 am Divine Worship


Monday                                                                 Friday

12-2 am Night Owls                                            12-2 am Night Owls


Tuesday                                                         Saturday            

10 am Bible Study                                               9 am Trustees

6 pm Trustees


Wednesday                                                          Sunday (4/29)

12-2 am Night Owls                                            9 am All Bible Classes

7 pm Bible Study                                                 10:15 am Divine Worship


POSITION OPENING:  Preschool Teacher and director at St. Augustine Lutheran Preschool in Troy. This is a school year position with variable summer hours.  If you have an early childhood or child development background and are looking for a job that allows you to share Jesus and that fits your family’s schedule, please inquire by email at

Position Opening:  Afternoon preschool teacher’s aide

Please inquire by email at

 THOSE WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS: Andrew Curtis, Alden Haigh,  Aubrey Leinhase, Eileen Lewis, Eric Wagner, Dave Deubel (Tim Leinhase’s uncle), Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), Dawn Kardasz (Regina Delmotte’s granddaughter), Dan Kosek (Hering Family friend), Jackie Marshall (Tina Hoag’s aunt), Art Olzmann (Dolores Koehler’s brother),  Pat (Dolores Koehler’s friend), Cyndi Preiss (Jeff Hoag’s sister), Sarah Werner (Ruth Greve’s granddaughter) and Vicki Wharton (Lisa Kokko’s aunt).

THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Zack Feterl, Daniel Klein, Grant Oltman, Chris Purkiss, Timothy Stratton and Ryan Thulin.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Please plan on helping with the Annual Postal Workers Food Drive. This year’s drive will be on May 12th, as always, we will need many volunteers to help move, sort, date, etc. Thanks to Sandy and Dani Meyka for taking over the operation of the Food Pantry!

NEW BIBLE STUDY: Doug Primeau has started a new bible study; please join us Wednesdays at 7 pm to grow your faith in God! Please note time has been changed to 7 pm.

Assisting in Divine Worship:  Sunday, April 22, 2018


Lead Elder:       A. Meyka

Ushers:             A. Meyka

Altar:                S. Meyka and D. Meyka

Tellers:              Jar Family


Assisting in Divine Worship:  Sunday, April 29, 2018


Lead Elder:       A. Meyka


Altar:                G. Rizzo and W. Ukrainec

Tellers:              S. Meyka and D. Meyka