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Announcements 5-7-17

Announcements for the Week of May 7, 2017

Sunday (5/7) Honor Thy Family, 9:00 am Bible Study for all, 10:15 am Worship, Noon – 2 pm Kids Youth

Monday (5/8)

Tuesday (5/9) 6 pm Trustees, 6:30 pm BOSE

Wednesday (5/10) 8:45 am Chapel

Thursday (5/11)

Friday (5/12) 6:30 – 9:30 pm Twist on Painting

Saturday (5/13) 9 am Trustees, 9:30 am Postal Food Drive

Sunday (5/14) 9:00 am Bible Study for all, 10:15 am Worship, After Worship VOTERS MEETING!

THOSE WHO ARE ILL OR RECOVERING Paul Frankfurth, Dan Pendergast (friend of the Browns), Florence (aunt of Tina Hoag), Joan Fogolini, Dolores (friend of Deborah Piotrowski), Dan, of Michael Pease’s family, who has seen a return of cancer, and our community neighbors.

THOSE WITH A LONG TERM ILLNESS: Eileen Lewis, Eric Wagner, Andrew Curtis, Aubrey Leinhase, Vicki Wharton (aunt of Lisa Kokko), Lois, Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), John (friend of Michael Pease), Dawn Kardasz (grand-daughter of Regina Delmotte), Dave Toensing (Lynette Primeau’s brother), Art Olzmann (brother of Dolores Koehler), Pat (friend of Dolores Koehler), Dave Deubel (Tim Leinhase’s uncle), and Jackie Marshall (Tina Hoag’s aunt).

THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Grant Oltman, Seth Mansch, Chris Purkiss, Zack Feterl, Ryan Thulin, Daniel Klein, and Timothy Stratton.

VOTERS MEETING: A special Voters Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 14. All members are encouraged to attend.

OPEN HOUSE: We will be having an open house on Sunday, May 21st from 11:30am – 1pm after our Spring Musical! Please invite your friends and family to join us and meet our teachers and staff!

BAND CONCERT/SPRING MUSICAL: Our junior choir and band members are excited to be performing for you on Wednesday, May 17th! The band concert will begin at 6:10pm before the musical, “A Not So Terrible Parable”. The spring musical will also be presented during our church service at 10:15am on Sunday, May 21st! See you there!

A TWIST ON PAINTING: Would you like to unleash your inner artist?! On Friday, May 12 we will have our own version of Painting with a Twist. Artists will paint an ocean with palm trees scene. Cost is $35. All supplies are provided. Space is limited to 15. Stop in the office with your payment to reserve your spot! Registration for this event closes on Wednesday, May 10 to ensure time to purchase the right amount of supplies.

KROGER REWARDS ENROLLMENT: It is that time of year again. Kroger requires us to re-enroll our rewards. Please copy and paste the website: to Kroger and to edit your profile. You need to review your rewards details then edit your organization name. Pick Peace Lutheran Youth Group #83323. Once it is chosen it will tell you that your organization has been updated. If you need help re-enrolling or enrolling your card I can help you after church. Please let me know if you have any questions.

YOUTH GROUP FUNDRAISER: Please help support our youth by ordering a Little Caesar’s pizza kit! They have a goal of 25 kits and the last day to purchase is a week away! To place an order, please contact Jill Oltman at 586-764-3655. Thank you!

US POSTAL FOOD DRIVE: It is fast approaching! Our Post Office Food Drive! Please set the date aside to donate as many hours as you can to help us. We shall begin around 9:30 a.m. on May 13th. Please bring any wagons, carts etc. to help move canned goods more easily. We shall provide pizza, pop, potato chips and dessert for your lunch. Remember, it is just this one day which we are showered with food to keep our ministry here at Peace going for a full year. It is a wonderful extension of God’s love by providing nourishment to the less fortunate. We pray you’ll be able to join us. The companionship is the best! – We need box bottoms to stack and sort food! – 9:30-10 we will organize and receive instructions – If you are going to be sitting, bring a cushion for comfort – Remember to wear comfortable shoes! A

NOTE FROM THE OUTREACH TEAM: Dear Peace Family, We’ve worked hard reaching out to folks across Warren and the surrounding community asking for gently worn used and new shoes. As of today (4-21-17), we have collected 20 bags (25 pairs per bag) of our goal of 100 bags. You can help us without spending a cent! It’s quick and easy to help us hit our goal! It’s quick and easy to help us hit our goal. Your shoe donation is vital. Can we count on you? It’s a Win-Win … we earn funds from collecting shoes as we get paid on a per-pound basis, and the shoes get distributed to other developing nations for income/micro-enterprises and repurposing. It will also diminish what ends up in a landfill! This fundraiser will help our school tremendously toward the further education needs of our students. Please go through your closets and if you haven’t worn them in a year or two, donate them to us! Could you please let me know if we can count on you to collect 25 pairs of gently worn shoes, and recruit a friend to do the same in the next four weeks? Ask them to collect 25 pairs of gently worn used shoes, kids or adult size. Shoes can be dropped off at Peace (11701 E. 12 Mile, Warren, 12/Hoover) or call 586-751-8010 to arrange a pickup. There’s a Facebook post on our Peace Facebook page – Please share it to get the word out! On behalf of all of our team members: Thank you for making a difference. Sincerely, Peace Outreach Team Lisa Kokko, Chairperson Amy Leinhase, Alicia Wagner, Cherie Curtis, Janet Allen