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Lutheran Schools are truly a Blessing from God. I myself attended Lutheran schools K-12th grade. When my children started school, I tried the public schools and we didn’t last long. In 2008 I was looking for a Lutheran school and stumbled across Peace Lutheran in Warren. The teachers and staff were so welcoming and friendly that I immediately felt at home. I enrolled the kids and we transferred membership to the church. Two of my kids have since graduated Peace and are all A students in high school, I still have one child at Peace in 4th grade and he loves his school! Our Peace family is as loving and supportive as our immediate family and we cherish the relationships we have with them. JL


Ina and I have been members of Peace, LCMS for many years.  Our three children were confirmed here.  Peace is grounded securely on the Word of Christ.  Our church has been teaching children the ABC’s and the moral lessons from the word of Christ as long as we have been members.  It is what we do best at Peace and it is our blessing.  I feel blessed to watch my three grandchildren learning their ABC’s and sharing the love of Christ with church members, their teachers and classmates.  I do not know of one child educated at Peace that did not graduate from High School.  Many have gone on to college and some have active roles in the ministry of Christ. 

The school is family.  When our grandson Andrew was found to be riddled with stage 4 cancer the prayer warrior angels of Peace started praying for him to be cured.   These prayers went all over the world and are continuing to go up to our Lord every day.  Andrew has been blessed by the Lord’s healing. We look forward to a day he rings the bell at Children’s Oncology Center to declare the cancer is in remission.  Peace is a school where the children not only can pray to Christ it is the most important part of their learning.  Like all well-grounded churches, Peace teaches the “Good News Gospel” of Christ.  Our members are guided on a journey from unbeliever, to believer, to Disciple of Christ that culminates when they reach their goal of eternal life in paradise with our Lord. 

I believe the biggest challenge Peace faces is to make all who enter seeking the Lord feel welcome and be comfortable worshipping here at Peace with us.  May our good Lord bless the work of Peace and help us grow His kingdom.  Soli Deo Gloria:  To God be all glory!
Cal and Ina Jackson


We came to Peace the year my daughter went into 5th grade. From the minute we walked in the door, the teachers and principal, the students and parents alike all made us feel welcome. She wasn’t just a student. We weren’t just parents. We were a part of the family. We were “Piece of Peace.” My daughter was invited and encouraged to join choir, band, and sports. The other parents helped me tremendously in transportation issues, as my husband and I both work full time. I saw my shy, reserved daughter blossom and thrive into a confident, faithful young woman. She went back to public school for high school, and has stayed on the honor roll. Her teachers are encouraging her to take AP classes and start to earn college credits. They told her that they “always get good students from Peace!”

My son also started at Peace the same year, and I love the faith he has, and the love for Jesus he shows to everyone around him. He is active in the school; in the Junior Choir and band. He’s above average in all subjects, and has a confidence about him that I don’t think he could have gotten in public school. Peace Lutheran School is a very special place that definitely shares to love of Jesus to its families in every way. We are truly blessed to be a “Piece of Peace.”

God Bless our school!

Theresa Howard


If you are looking for a church home that do life with people -it’s here. School and Church combo pack. It’s easy to love on people and the Pastor is approachable, available and allows people to use their talents with no hoops to jump through (unless hoops is your talent!). It’s not filled with plastered on smiles, It’s a place where you can let your guard down and tell someone how you are really feeling and when you are in great need…they do what they can to help. They are an open book that follows the Holy Book! I experienced an unexplained wave of peace for 2 solid weeks when God led us here. And as my son say, “It’s the perfect school for me.” We found our fit.


My son has been a student at Peace for only 2 years. However, I have been a member of the church for 15 years. I have witnessed many graduating classes of Peace. I love to see how many alumni stay involved in church and keep in touch with their Peace classmates. It truly is more like a family than an ordinary school. Many of the alumni grow up to be successful, kind, Christian adults, which is what this world needs!
Last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It has been a rough year for my family. The staff at the school has been beyond supportive to us. We have been prayed for, cooked for, groceries have been delivered on behalf of both the school AND the church. Some of the students have even drawn my husband happy pictures.
My son Nolan is in kindergarten this year. When Nolan started preschool he was nervous. He had more anxiety than a little boy ever should. Greeting familiar, warm faces like Pastor and Mr. Primeau each morning at the door certainly helped! The teachers boosted his confidence and he instantly made friends. He grew by leaps and bounds!
He loves his kindergarten class and teacher so much he asked for a matching “art center” for Christmas (“just like the one in my classroom”). Since kindergarten started he wants to read and draw more and play less video games, which really makes mom happy! Nolan can almost always be found coloring, looking at a book, or building Legos while humming or singing bible songs he learned at school. It warms my heart to see his little faith bud blossom. Prayers at night always include people at school who are in need, and he always remembers to be thankful.
This year Nolan was awarded The Spiritual Life award for January 2016. I can confidently say that Nolan will continue to grow at Peace in faith, confidence, and academically. I love the Peace family! The small classrooms, the teachers that teach from their hearts, the welcoming staff, and all the rewards my child will take with him through life make Peace an easy choice for a school for my kids.
Alicia Wagner


“Peace was a great school!!!!! All 3 of our kids went there from preschool to 8th. Our oldest hated leaving to go to public school, but because of Mrs. Gapski in 7th/8th, she became a Marine Biologist and still loves her work. Our middle child learned to appreciate history and reading because of Mr. Primeau and skated through High School, because of the education he received at Peace . He also served our country as a Marine. We drove our youngest back and forth from Oxford every day for 2 years to make sure she received the same education as her brother and sister. We could not be prouder of Peace for the education, love and devotion the teachers gave to the children. And they still do.” ~O. Hiltunen


Dear Peace Lutheran,

Such a small place with a huge blessing and impact! My family of 6 are right next door to a Warren Consolidated Elementary which is ranked in the bottom 5% for Michigan. This is something to be considered when you have either an over achiever child or one who is struggling. My eldest was about to enter 3rd grade and we was behind more than what I was comfortable with. He was receiving Title One help in school but knew I had to seek outside resources such as a tutor. However, academics was not the biggest of my concern.  It was his attitude and some interesting words he would bring home from school from time to time. He was very influenced by negative behaviors. This was a spiritual battle.
We began our research the last week of August in preparation for next year.  I toured of 5 Christian schools in a week…all of which I would recommend! I was waiting for that “home” feeling and praying for a place that church and school could be all in one so I wasn’t pulled in too many directions. Peace was the last school to check out on my list and there was my answer to prayer. What sold me?
1. The secretary shared how her own story of her own children attending Peace and the High School.
2. Immediately setting up a tour for that day I met the 3/4 grade teacher and 1/2 grade teacher. Their passion, confidence and loyalty to the school was evident and genuine. They took their time with me.
3. The Pastor was available and immediately made time for my husband and mine’s questions! Him and the Principal make themselves seen and available.
4. The PTL chair introduced herself immediately and she had a significant back ground in special needs. She helped me understand my own son’s though process and gave me some useful tools.
5. The teachers and Pastor are supportive to suggestions. There’s a sense of freedom and not having to go through red tape to get something done.
6. Location and time. Near 696 so my husband can drop them off on the way to work. Pick up time is well before rush hour.
7. Grateful that God had it planned for it to be our church home, we receive a discount being members. Having 4 children…this is something we find to be an immense blessing!
8. These teachers are experts in split classes! And the class sizes are still smaller than the public schools.This minimizes over stimulation and increase one on one teacher student time.
9. There was an incident that could be construed as bullying…it was immediately brought to my attention and resolved all in a day. Now the boys are friends.
10. No common core and overly provocative sex ed. I know what the public school teaches, and parents barely have a say in it. This is a big reason for knowing Christian School was inevitable for our family.
As you can see, we didn’t wait a year. We started school the very next week! There is so much more it offers; service projects, chapel, the teachers, staff and parents are God centered and I have witnessed my boys faith grow. I don’t feel like pressured to fit “Jesus time” in because they are being feed daily in all areas of their life. My 3rd grade son says, “It’s the perfect school for me!” After 3 months he was caught up and his attitude is great. He still has challenges but with the support he has at school and home, it’s manageable and hopeful. My 2nd grader, he would excel in any setting but the connection made between church and school makes for security and a freedom to be who you are. He is athletic and fortunately, there are opportunities starting in 3rd grade for sports.  My 3rd grader, his interest is in band which he was able to start this year along with choir. Looking forward to enrolling our 2 girls in the near future!
Grateful Parents,
Monica and Jason Vickers
Feb 11, 2016
I am a proud alumni of Peace Lutheran School, and both of my kids are, as well.  We have been members of the church since I was born.
Every teacher I had at Peace was dedicated to my success in the classroom and my growing relationship with my Savior Jesus!  They all led by Christian example.  As a young girl, I remember feeling safe and accepted at Peace.  When I graduated and went on to Lutheran High North, I realized the awesome level of excellent education I received, as I was very well prepared for my high school experience and beyond – not just academically, but spiritually, too!
Re-living my days at Peace while both of my children attended there (Preschool through 8th grade) was a beautiful blessing and I witnessed their faith growing each day.  To this day, my kids and I both have long-standing friends that we continue to be close with from our days at Peace Lutheran School.
Peace Lutheran Church has been the foundation of my faith, having been baptized, confirmed and married there.  At a very trying time in my life, my church family rallied around me with prayers and help of all kinds, with unconditional love.  The music ministry at Peace is one of my greatest blessings, and I’m blessed to say I’ve been a Sunday School teacher there for 20 years!
Peace is my family.  Peace is my home.  I pray for God’s continued blessings on the ministries and education Peace provides.  What a blessing to be a part of this Christ-loving, caring family!  I would love for you to enjoy these blessings as well and become a “piece of Peace”.
Lisa (Kiekbusch) Kokko

 When my oldest daughter was in preschool, we began the daunting task of looking for a private school for Kindergarten.  We live in Harper Woods — a 15-minute drive from Peace Lutheran — and I wasn’t familiar with the school until my in-laws (who live in Warren) mentioned it as an option. After touring several other schools, we attended the Peace Open House.  The teachers we met were warm, enthusiastic and engaging. Upon leaving, my husband and I looked at each other and knew this is where we wanted to send our daughter.Prior to Peace, my daughter (now in second grade) went to a wonderful preschool near our house, yet she was quite clingy and didn’t make friends as easily as I had hoped.  The smaller class sizes at Peace were just what she needed to feel comfortable and be given extra attention if needed. Now my daughter has blossomed into a confident girl with many friends.  She is even sad when school is closed for holidays or breaks.  Peace has a very loving, secure, Christian environment, and I’m grateful it has allowed my daughter to fall in love with school and feel comfortable in her own skin.

Despite the small size of the school, they do have a lot to offer.  Choir and band start in third grade for interested students.  The children enjoy art, gym, music, library and computers, along with their regular school work.  With the emphasis on reading, I have seen my daughter grow leaps and bounds in that area.

I would also like to say that we are not members of Peace Lutheran Church. We are not even Lutheran, for that matter.  We are Christians, and we were just looking for a good, Christ-centered school for our children to attend.  I couldn’t be happier.  My twin girls look forward to attending kindergarten there next year!

Anna Swartz, Peace Lutheran School parent


“I came to Peace as a Kindergartener and a member of the class of 1999, and graduated as the 8th grade class of 2007. The eight years that I attended Peace Lutheran School were some of the best years of schooling in my life. From learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten with Mrs. Marshall’s inflatable letters, all the way to Mr. Primeau’s in depth history lessons. Singing in the choir with Mrs. Primeau was always a high point every week, and Mrs. Pauling taught me how to type on a keyboard like a pro. I’ve made several friends in my time there that will be with me for a lifetime, and I learned important lessons in religion class that will be with me even longer. Peace has taught me countless lessons about what it means to be a Christian in today’s crazy world. I used the things I learned at Peace after I graduated and went to a public high school, and throughout all my years of college. Now, as I start to enter the real world and get a ‘big boy job’ I find myself looking back to my memories of Peace, and the things I learned there, and can’t help but feel blessed for it all.”
~ Troy Miller


“Peace Lutheran Church and School means the world to me and my family. Wait a minute – they are part of our family! The teachers and staff love the children like their own. I have never experienced that much support and love in any of the schools I attended. With such a positive environment, the kids all start acting and treating others with love and encouragement. It is inspiring. If you take a stroll down the hallways before the school day starts, your mouth will drop (like mine did) to see how the older students help the younger students with their backpacks, open the door for them or give them a hello and high five. I have been a Peace church member for a long time, but I went to public schools. When I was looking for a preschool for my daughter, my mom actually suggested Peace, but like most people I thought there was no way I could possibly afford a private school. Well, I was wrong. Looking at the prices of the public preschools in the area, Peace actually was reasonably priced…so I enrolled her. That was all it took to make me fall in love with everything they do at Peace. Now, years later, all 3 of my children attend. Peace works with families and makes it easy to be able to afford the great education and wonderful family environment they offer. I wouldn’t want my children to attend school anywhere else. Small class sizes make it a great choice academically. They have everything that a parent looks for when choosing a school; for example, enrichment programs from band to choir to sports. I often get text messages from the teachers just to give me updates on how my children are doing. That is just unheard of right? Not at Peace! If I could talk to potential incoming families, just get them to take a tour and meet the staff, I know they would feel how I feel…right at home!” ~ Cherie Curtis


“Peace school has been a wonderful place for my kids to grow spiritually. They hear about Jesus everyday, and the teachers are able to put the Word into practice when kids need help with certain situations. Weekly chapel services, service projects and making connections with students older and younger are some things that help make Peace a special place. The kids that I have seen come from Peace are kind, caring, and compassionate. They are willing to help others, and know that by doing so, they are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless Peace!” ~ Katie Williamson


Reviews from our 7th & 8th Grade Class:

From Jack ~ “What I like about Peace is that there are no bullies.  Another thing is that the teachers are so nice and that you can get friends easily here.”

From Gallahad ~ “I like the nice Christian environment, and being able to talk about God.”

From Jena ~ “Peace is a great school! I love Peace because we learn about God everyday.  I have made so many great friends and all my best friends go here.  I am so thankful that I got ten years of education here at Peace!”

From Asia ~ “What I like about Peace is that the students help others.”

From James ~ “What I like about Peace is that the teachers are very nice, the homework is easy, and you have good friends.  You also get delicious lunches from Grandma JoJo and get to play at recess for a long time.”

From Richard ~ “I love the small classes here and everyone is nice.  I don’t think I’ve been bullied much at all here.  All the teachers are patient and caring, and we frequently do fun activities.  Most importantly, we learn about God and religion.”

From Sarah ~ “I like many things about Peace, but the three main things are the nice teachers and staff, the long recesses, and they accept everyone no matter how smart or what they look like.”

From Sam ~ “What I like about Peace is that there are nice staff and teachers that have a smile on their face everyday!”

From Timmy ~ “What I like about Peace is that the teachers are very nice and teach stuff well.  The students are also very nice and welcoming.”


Reviews from our Kindergarten class:

Nolan says “Peace is a great school. I like to go to recess. I love Jesus.”

Lauren says, “Peace is a great school! I like to write books! I like gym! I love my teacher. I love my friends!”

Mackenzsie says, “Peace is a great school! I like the chicks! (Baby chicks were in an incubator and hatched in the classroom) I like gym! I like traveling! (Field trips) I like my teacher!!! I like books!!! I like swings.”

Nicholas says, “Peace is a great school and it has a creation station! I like to draw. I love Jesus.”

Caleb says, ” Peace is a great school. I can hold chicks. Peep, peep, peep.”

Mason P says, “Peace is a great school. I like books. I love our teacher.”

Evan says, “Peace is a great school. I like math. I like to learn. I like recess. I like traveling (field trips). I like the slide. I like going outside.”

Aidan says, “Peace is a great school! I like to go to the gym! I play Zingo!”

Mason M says, “Peace is a great school! I like to play with Megan! Painting is fun.”

Caleigh says, “5-1=4. Peace is a great school!!! I love snack and recess!”

Brooke says, “Peace is a great school! I like the creation station. I like my teacher. I like the swings. I like everything. I like my friends.”

Sophie says, “Peace is a great school! I love my teacher but my teacher gets ‘mathing’. See me run.”


I have had the privilege of working for this wonderful place since January. My son is in Kindergarten now, but went to Preschool here as well and now my daughter is in Preschool. We are members of this church because of the amazing experiences I had as a Peace parent. In a little over a year, my son has become such a compassionate and caring person. Not to mention, his love and wonder of Jesus builds my faith everyday. I owe this and more to Peace Lutheran Church and School. They are more than just teachers and staff, they care for these children and their parents beyond what you would find anywhere else. We are also blessed to have a Pastor who is always finding ways to connect with our youth. My family is a “Piece of Peace” now and forever! J.A.


As a parent, we do our best to plan and lay the groundwork to provide a promising future for our children. My husband and I selected the best school for our son Ethan in our previous hometown of Saginaw. Our “perfect” plan was that he would be able to attend Peace Lutheran – Saginaw throughout his childhood and have the security of growing up with the same classmates until graduation. The way I wished my school years could have been.

But, just when you think you have it figured out on your own, God reveals a new path in the road. A job opportunity that would move us to a new city. Although this was exciting for my husband and I, all of the “mom” worry set in immediately. How would Ethan adjust? He would lose all of his neighborhood friends, his school friends, his hockey team, etc.

There were too many unknowns to face on this new path and my heart wanted to stay on the road I had so thoughtfully paved. But, one of my favorite verses, Jeremiah 29:11, reminded me that the Lord had it all figured out. All I needed to do was trust and follow Him.

Once the relocation decision was made to move to Warren, my first mission was to find Ethan a school. After looking online, I was so excited to see there was another Peace Lutheran in our new hometown! We scheduled a tour right away.

From the moment we stepped in the front door, we felt the peace of God and an overwhelming sense of comfort. It immediately felt like home. The loving staff members we met confirmed that God’s perfect plan was being revealed for Ethan.

We visited a couple of other schools and ultimately wanted Ethan to make the decision on where he felt most comfortable. But, I prayed very hard that he would choose Peace Lutheran – Warren! And he did!

Now that the school year has started, we could not be happier with the education Ethan is receiving. He is being challenged, but also given the loving support to make sure he succeeds. The teachers and staff truly care about each individual student. They take the time to get to know them and are always available for questions and concerns.

In the past, Ethan has really struggled with reading. But, I can already see a tremendous change in his attitude and his confidence level as he comes out of the school holding another “A” paper! These academic victories have made school “fun” for him. How often do you hear that from a middle school student?

I feel blessed beyond measure that we can now call this amazing place our new “home”. S.S.


We love Peace! This is our fourth year at the school. Such a loving, warm, caring environment that even my once quiet, clingy girl has blossomed into a confident girl who looks forward to going to school each day. My twins are now in kindergarten at Peace as well and are loving it. You will not find more loving, patient and committed teachers elsewhere.  A.S.