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The Board of Discipleship invites you to participate in a month of praying.  This month, we offer scripture and prayers for our “neighbors” (co-workers, friends, actual neighbors!) and a Peace Prayer.  May your prayer life be enriched and your faith walk has a spring in its step to enable you to share it with others!

June 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
            1 Read Matthew 7:12 Post this verse somewhere where you will see it all month. Peace Prayer: Our Sunday School
2 Read  Romans 2:1 Have you ever been guilty of misjudging someone? Peace Prayer: Our Church Family 3 Read Romans 12:10 Be creative in honoring someone today! Peace Prayer: Our Volunteers   4 Read Matthew 5:43-44 What “enemies” do you need to begin loving? Peace Prayer: Our Country 5 Read Colossians 3:13 Choose grace over a grudge. Forgive someone today. Peace Prayer: Our Youth 6 Read John 13:34 Describe Jesus’ love for you! Peace Prayer: Our Church Council 7 Read 1 John 3:11 Tell someone that you love them. Peace Prayer:  Our Elders Team 8 Read Matthew 19:19 Place cards or treats at your neighbor’s mailbox today. Peace Prayer: Our Trustees
9 Read Psalm15:1-3 Do a prayer walk through your neighborhood. Peace Prayer: Our Discipleship Team 10 Read  Hebrews 13:3 Pray specifically for those suffering for the cause of Christ. Peace Prayer: Missionaries 11 Read   Matthew 22:39 Make it a point to learn the names of your neighbors. Peace Prayer: Outreach Team Program 12 Read Leviticus 19:13 Plan to invite a neighbor to church this month. Peace Prayer: ­Community 13 Read 1 Timothy 5:8 Pray for your neighbor’s success. Peace Prayer: Mary Martha Circle   14 Read Proverbs 3:28 Go the extra measure to help a neighbor today. Peace Prayer: Food Pantry   15 Read Jeremiah 22:13 Thank a neighbor for their kindness. Peace Prayer: Our Bible Studies    
16 Read Nehemiah 4:17 Tell a neighbor about Peace Church & School. Peace Prayer: Music  ministry 17 Read Nehemiah 4:18 Give an older neighbor some of your time. Peace Prayer: Chairman/Vice 18 Read Mark 12:30-31 Share your love of Jesus with your neighbor Peace Prayer: MilitaryMembers   19 Read  Romans 14:13 Choose kindness instead of being critical. Peace Prayer: Our Pastor 20 Read 1 Thess 5:11 Look around. Who needs encouraging? Peace Prayer: Shut-in members 21 Read 1 Corin. 10:24 Choose someone else’s good over your own. Peace Prayer: Our Finances   22 Read Philippians 2:3 Who do you know who exhibits humility? Peace Prayer: Our Seminaries
23 Read  Exodus 20:16 Speak kindly about your neighbor. Peace Prayer: Our church family 24 Read Romans 13:10 Make amends with a neighbor. Peace Prayer: Our ill members   25 Read Romans 15:2 Give your neighbor a compliment. Peace Prayer: Our Community   26 Read Proverbs 3:29 Pray for the peace and safety of your neighbors. Peace Prayer: Faith Growth   27 Read 1 Peter 4:8 Do everything with a loving heart. Peace Prayer: Our Children 28 Read James 2:8 Make a list of ways you can love on your neighbors this month.Peace Prayer: Pastor 29/30 Read Galatians 6:10 Ask God to open your eyes for opportunities to serve others. Peace Prayer: Our Organist

The Board of Discipleship welcomes you to our monthly Prayer Calendar.  We urge you to open your Bible, look up the daily verse, ponder the question posed & join us in our daily Peace Prayer.  We hope that your prayer life is enriched & your faith grows stronger to enable you to share it with others!

July 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1 Psalm 119:105 What verses have lit your path during a dark time? Peace Prayer: Our organist 2 Psalm 119:130 Choose a designated time each day to read the Word. Peace Prayer: Our Bible Studies 3 Isaiah 2:5 Post this verse in a prominent place in your home. Peace Prayer: Our Trustees 4 John 3:16 Write this on a post-it and leave visible it in a public place. Peace Prayer: Our  Country 5 John 8:12 Who can have the light of life? Peace Prayer: Our Elders Team (office closed 7/4-7/5)   6 Isaiah 60:20 Who will be your everlasting light? Peace Prayer: Our Pastor
7 Psalm 4:6 Let this be your prayer. Peace Prayer: Our Board of Church Education 8 Isaiah 49:6 Who are you being a light for today? Peace Prayer: Our Ladies Guild 9 John 1:5 Take comfort that the darkness cannot overcome the light. Peace Prayer: Our Discipleship Team 10 John 3:19 What good deed will you do today? Peace Prayer: Our Church Family 11 John 12:36 How does the light shine in your daily life? Peace Prayer: Seminary Students       12 Matthew 5:14 Are you shining? Someone near you needs to see it.  Peace Prayer: Our Community *7-9 Ladies Night 13 Acts 13:47 Where are believers to take the message of salvation? Peace Prayer: Our Outreach Team  
14 Romans 13:12 Be reminded that the day is drawing near. Peace Prayer: Missionaries 15 Ephesians 5:8 Thank God for his mercy when you were in darkness. Peace Prayer: Our Chairman/Vice     16 1Timothy 6:16 Who is being described in this verse? Peace Prayer: Our Pastor 17 1 John 2:10 What does it mean to you to abide in the light? Peace Prayer: Our Office Worker 18 Revelations 21:24 By whose light with the nations walk? Peace Prayer: Our Military Members     19 Matthew 5:16 What is the purpose of others seeing our good works? Peace Prayer: Altar Guild   20 1 John 1:5 Invite someone to church to experience God’s light! Peace Prayer: Our Food Pantry  
21 1 John 1:7 What must we do to have fellowship with one another? Peace Prayer: Our Church Family 22 Rev. 22:5 Why will there be no need of lamp or sun in heaven? Peace Prayer:  Our Members who are ill 23 Philippians 2:15 Sing “This Little Light of Mine” today! Peace Prayer: Our Choir   24 Daniel 2:22 Be reminded in dark times, HE is always with you. Peace Prayer: Our Shut-In Members 25 John 12:46 Why did Jesus come into the world as the Light? Peace Prayer:   Our Neighbors & co-workers     26 John 1:9 Confess a sin and be assured you are forgiven. Peace Prayer: Our Faith Growth *7-9 Men’s Night   27 John 9:5 Pray for someone who you know is living in darkness Peace Prayer: Our Church Council
28 2 Corin. 6:14 Enjoy fellowship with believers. Peace Prayer: Our Youth Group 29 Psalm 56:13 What darkness has God delivered you from? Peace Prayer: Our Pastor   30 Psalm 51:10 What can we ask of God? Peace Prayer: Our VBS program **VBS 5:30 31 Psalm 112:4 What happens in the dark before the righteous? Peace Prayer: Our Volunteers **VBS 5:30 AUGUST 1 **VBS 5:30