Announcements 9-23-18

THOSE WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS: Andrew Curtis, Alden Haigh, Aubrey Leinhase, Eric Wagner, Dave Deubel (Tim Leinhase’s uncle), Brian Hoag (Jeff Hoag’s brother), Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), Dawn Kardasz (Regina Delmotte’s granddaughter), Dan Kosek (Hering Family friend),
Derek Marlar (Andy & Sandy Meyka’s nephew), Jackie Marshall (Tina Hoag’s aunt), Art Olzmann (Dolores Koehler’s brother), Pat (Dolores Koehler’s friend), Cyndi Preiss (Jeff Hoag’s sister), Miss Sommer (Dani Meyka’s friend), Sarah Werner (Ruth Greve’s granddaughter) and Vicki Wharton (Lisa Kokko’s aunt).
THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Zack Feterl, Daniel Klein, Grant  Oltman, Chris Purkiss, Timothy Stratton and Ryan Thulin.
THOSE WHO ARE HOMEBOUND: Clara Betke, Sharlene Fortune, Alden Haigh, Kay Kacel, Eileen Lewis, Elsie Pincombe, Nancy Rice, Bobbie Seibel, LaRiene Sjo and Mary Tiedemann
CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: TODAY from 8am and 1pm the Unity Youth group will be washing cars at Hope to raise money for the summer 2019 Youth Gathering! Please head to Hope and get your car washed and help the youth go on this awesome trip!
September 9, 2018
I wanted to bring you up to date about the church finances since we last met and talked about our options from Church Extension. As of today, we have $18,205 in the checking account and $28,625 in the savings. All of our bills are paid up to date. We have been able to make all of our mortgage payments since we began paying them in March 2018.
We are in a good financial position right now but one thing we have to keep in mind is eventually we will have to place a call to a permanent Pastor should our congregation vote to move in that direction.
We still need to build the kingdom through Peace and decide what our mission is going to be. We are on the right track currently, but still have some work ahead of us.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I get so busy at work and time just flies by so quickly, I forget when it was that I last updated you on our finances. I just need a little reminder every so often.
Also let me know if there are specific items about our finances you would like to see. I would be happy to get that information to you.
Yours in Christ, Jill Oltman