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There are many ways YOU can be a Piece of Peace and volunteer!

CHURCH COUNCIL – Comprised of church Chairman/Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary and the Chair of each of the following Boards.  They meet once a month.

BOARD OF ELDERS – Assists the Pastor and is concerned of the spiritual welfare of all members.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES – Maintains the church property and looks after repairs.

BOARD OF FINANCE – Manages the finances of the congregation.  Financial Secretary/Assistant and Tellers make up this team.

BOARD OF CHURCH EDUCATION – Promotes and supervises Christian Education in the church, including Bible study opportunities.

BOARD OF OUTREACH – Promotes the church and brings the Gospel to the community.

BOARD OF DISCIPLESHIP – Encourages all phases of Christian stewardship, including time, talents, treasures and faith growth.

SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT – Supervises the Sunday School program, arranges for teachers and orders supplies.

USHERS – They see that the church is open and ready for service and assists parishioners during the service.

MARY MARTHA CIRCLE – All ladies of the congregation are members.  They concentrate on missions, mite box offerings, Christian service and fellowship.

CHOIR – Choir rehearses Sundays following Worship Service, directed by Mrs. Kathy Flatt.  The choir sings at a church service once per month.

FOOD PANTRY – Open 9-11am every third Saturday of the month; first come basis.