Announcements 3-3-18

THOSE WHO ARE ILL OR RECOVERING: Lauren Leinhase (surgery this past week)

THOSE WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS: Andrew Curtis, Alden Haigh,  Aubrey Leinhase, Eileen Lewis, Eric Wagner, Beth Cushard (Deb Wulff’s sister), Dave Deubel (Tim Leinhase’s uncle), Gary Irwin (Roger Irwin’s brother), John (friend of Michael Pease), Dawn Kardasz (Regina Delmotte’s granddaughter), Dan Kosek (Hering Family friend), Jackie Marshall (Tina Hoag’s aunt), Art Olzmann (Dolores Koehler’s brother),  Pat (Dolores Koehler’s friend), Cyndi Preiss (Jeff Hoag’s sister), Dave Toensing (Lynette Primeau’s brother), Sarah Werner (Ruth Greve’s granddaughter) and Vicki Wharton (Lisa Kokko’s aunt).

THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY: Zack Feterl, Daniel Klein, Grant Oltman, Chris Purkiss, Timothy Stratton and Ryan Thulin.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING WITH LUNCH: On March 18th immediately following the service we will be serving lunch and holding a Congregational Meeting. Please plan to attend to receive information regarding the future here at Peace!

HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE: There will be a Maundy Thursday Service at ? on March 29th and a Good Friday Service at ? on March 30th.

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday March 6th at 10 am we will resume the regular schedule for Tuesday morning Bible Study.

EASTER FLOWER ORDER FORMS: On the counter in the narthex are order forms for Easter flowers, please fill out the form and return it, with payment, to the office no later than Sunday March 18th. Thank You!



Sunday (3/4)                                                         Thursday

9 am All Bible Classes                                       5-7 pm TOPS

10:15 am Divine Worship


Monday                                                                 Friday

12-2 am Night Owls                                            12-2 am Night Owls


Tuesday                                                         Saturday            

10 am Bible Study                                               9 am Trustees

6 pm Trustees

Wednesday                                                       Sunday (3/11)

7 pm Choir                                                                            9 am All Bible Classes

12-2 am Night Owls                                        10:15 am Praise Worship


*March calendars are available on the round table in the narthex.

 Rev. Richard Gizynski                          Kathy Flatt-Organist

Peace Lutheran Church

11701 E. 12 Mile Rd. Warren, MI 48093                      586-751-8010